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Productname: Passenger elevator
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    BORAL is well-known for our versatile elevator design arrangements. We are capable of creating lasting elegant elevator designs to fit diversified construction ideas, which are based on a design called "neutral modern". Other thoughtful features of BORAL Elevators are: 
  * Energy-Saving
  * Flexible Intelligent Control 
  * Greater Reliability
  * Greater Riding Comfort
  * High Efficiency
BORAL BPM Elevators assemble each cutting-edge control technology in one, providing new solutions for time management efficiency. .
  --  High speed BORAL elevator

The new High Speed / Rise Lift with max speed up to 4m/sec, HRS BORAL elevator is provided with 
  Energy Saving 
     Since several years ago we has started to invest towards the direction of energy efficient lifts. Series of energy measurements and tests carried out in BORAL model lifts, leads to a progressive reduction of energy consumption of our lifts. 
    HRS is fitted with several energy saving features such as the use of LEDs for the car lighting as also the standby mode function fitted in the lift controller. 
Standby mode function is designed to automatically reduce energy consumption after some minutes of idleness of the lift. During standby mode the operating panels, the inverter as also parts of the controller goes to energy saving mode, yet remain ready to constantly monitor any lift calls. Regeneration system is applied reducing energy consumption up to 60%. 

  Ride Quality

    As all BORAL elevators, HRS appears an impressive ride behavior. Series of ride quality measurements according to ISO 18738 carried out in our test towers allowed a progressive improvement of the ride comfort. Noise level as also car vibrations values have been minimized, so that the passenger to have a really 'smooth' experience during travel. 


      HRS BORAL Lift is offered with several cabin, COP-LOP and buttons designs, which is the result of BORAL cooperation with the worldwide famous industrial designer. 

  Isolated Roller Guide Shoes

      The isolated roller guide works as a spring element, so that the vibrations are limited to a minimum. It guides the car between the guide rails within the allowance determined by the safety gear device and the door coupler. 
Isolated roller guide shoes are distinguished by its spring system, which offers enormous advantages over non-spring loaded guides. The rollers always contact the rail closely regardless of the type and direction of load. 
The rollers have high quality and unusually long service life due to the spring system and the permanent contact to the guide-rail. 

  Innovative services 

  * ECO design ISO 14006:2011 

  * Destination Control LTP Call Management System

  * Remote Lift Monitoring

  * Advanced methods used for energy consumption reduction

    The Remote Lift Monitoring system is often required for buildings with multiple lifts in order to provide a better management. 
    Security password 
    Real time monitoring of the lift status 
    Remote travel and door commands 
    Parameter viewing and programming 
    Error log display and statistics 
    Clock control travel management 

   --  Panoramic elevator 

Boral Panoramic Elevators make an attractively individualistic building even more appealing. 
    Today, the atrium design in buildings brings wide open space and a relaxing atmosphere to more and more shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, resorts and other places where people gather. Boral Panoramic Elevators enhance the open space concept and add to its atmosphere.
    The Panoramic Elevator's stylish lines complement its airy surroundings and attract the attention of people nearby. Passengers experience a feeling of freedom during their mini-odyssey through vertical space.
Boral shows how to take advantage of the space defined by new buildings. The Panoramic Elevators combines design and function, to bring the best for both the passengers and our customers.

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