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Productname: Passenger elevator
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    With BORAL's advanced technologies, we have developed two non-conventional elevator models, the Machine room-less BP-2T Elevator and the Machine room-less BP-10T Elevator (for larger rated loads). "Machine room-less-ness" means space can be utilized effectively and energy consumption is reduced. The rewarding benefits that our customers can enjoy are:
    * Maximized Rentable Space
    * Reduced Construction Costs
    * Substantial Savings in Energy Costs
    * BH Plus
    BH PLUS is a hydraulic solution suitable for passengers transportation and fully applicable to buildings with or without shaft. It is available with aluminum or steel shaft construction. BH PLUS is applicable to several types of buildings, such as -villas, commercial properties and various buildings with shaft pit and headroom limitations. BH PLUS may also become -thanks to large cabin and door dimensions - the appropriate means of transportation mean between floors for people with reduced mobility like wheelchair users, the elderly and parents with young children.
    The advantages of BH PLUS
    * No need for concrete shaft
    * No need for extra space for machine room
    * Minimal requirements for pit depth and headroom dimensions
    * High aesthetics customized to your building
    * Automatic emergency evacuation
    * Noiseless operation: 45-50db -Energy Class Certificate
    * In compliance with EN 81-21
    * Special safety features that ensure maximum safety during maintenance
    Shaft of aluminum construction
    * Provides a solution for lift installation in buildings without shaft
    * Consists of a three-side aluminum face (AlMgSi 0.5 F22 alloy): shaft column, horizontal side face and shaft slat
    * Available with glass or metal facing
    * High aesthetics
    Hydraulic elevation system
    * Manufactured with high quality materials that secure long life span.
    * High leveling and stopping accuracy according to pr EN 81.70 that provides ride quality.
    * Minimum maintenance requirements, low maintenance costs and readily available spare parts.
    * Compatible also with biodegradable and non-flammable oil.
    Power unit:
    * Direct access to the power unit by the lift owner in cases of emergency evacuation
    * Direct access to the power unit only by the installer for lift maintenance
    * Three-phase or single-phase motor available upon request

    -- WIN MRL Traction Gearless MRL elevator
    WIN MRL is the ideal traction Machine Roomless (MRL) solution for rated loads up to 5000 kg. It is equipped with a premium quality gearless motor and a state of the art inverter that lead to an outstanding ride quality, eliminate noise and achieve very low energy consumption. Furthermore, all lift components are cleverly designed to achieve efficient use of space inside the shaft as well as ease of installation and maintenance.
    * Wide range of application (from 300 kg / 4 persons up to 5000 kg / 66 persons)
    * Premium ride quality through state of the art technology
    * High energy efficiency (especially for high-rise buildings)
    * Ease of installation
    * Minimal requirements for pit and headroom dimensions (2:1 RPH)
    * In compliance with EN81.1/A2, prEN 81.A3 and EN 81.21

    -- Home lift
    A Home Elevator is an indispensable part of a home. It contributes to a comfortable life and is an expression of lifestyle.
    Home Elevators by Boral are more than just elevators: they make you feel at home from the moment you step in. They are an expression of a person's individual lifestyle, so we put our strengths into developing Home Elevators, which fit the individual person-not the other way round.
    Flexible sizes, supplied with or without a shaft, for indoor or outdoor application, and last but not least an incredible choice of cabin decor elements and finest materials make the Home Elevators an indispensable part of a home. Refurbishment in existing buildings is also possible. Outstanding technology goes without saying.

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